Faxes – Basic Downloads

Do you have a customer base that replies on downloading your product from a secure portal? Well this might be the correct answer for you. Bind a users downloads to their Discord account to create a secure download location for your customers. Instead of using third party platforms like Google drive where links can be shared and exposed use a portal like Basic Downloads that you have control over. Basic Downloads allows you to upload a product license along with the product and have automation do the rest!


  • Discord login powered
  • Easy config & set-up
  • Multiple admin access support
  • Creates secure downloads


  • Slow download: 100 KB/s
  • Waiting Time: 60 Sec


  • Medium download: 500 KB/s
  • Waiting Time: 30 Sec


  • Super Speed Download: Unlimited KB/s
  • Instant Download
  • Support us to buy more scripts etc, to leak for you <3