Overflow bot + Extenstions – Faxes

Looking for bot that’s overflowed with features? Overflow Bot gives an owner the ability to change the experience for their users within their Discord server. Overflow Bot comes with 125+ configuration options straight off the bat allowing some of the best customisation and ability in a Discord bot.

If you know how to read and use a computer then this will be as simple as pie to setup and get online! Overflow comes with extensive documentation which allows you to know anything and everything. There’s also exclusive support channels in the FAXES Discord server.


  • Multiple prefixes
  • Over 120 configuration options in a config file
  • Nearly all channel outputs from the bot can be configured to multiple channels
  • Logging
  • Admin Management
  • DM User Module
  • Utility Module
  • Auto Role Module
  • Moderation Module
  • Greet Module
  • Language Module
  • Levelling Module
  • Ticket Module
  • Auto Reply Messages
  • Easy to install addon commands and extensions

See the full list of features.


Looking to expand Overflow Bot further? Extensions might be the solution for you! Get all of Overflows extensions in one big bundle. Not looking to get them all? See below.

Click the below links to purchase separately..

Included Extensions:


  • Slow download: 100 KB/s
  • Waiting Time: 60 Sec


  • Medium download: 500 KB/s
  • Waiting Time: 30 Sec


  • Super Speed Download: Unlimited KB/s
  • Instant Download
  • Support us to buy more scripts etc, to leak for you <3